Makeup Revolution I Heart Revolution Diamond Girls Best Friend

Makeup Revolution I Heart Revolution Diamond Girls Best Friend


Each highly pigmented shimmer shade bears a silky texture that glides seamlessly onto the skin and a two-toned marbled effect designed to add multi-dimensional radiance. And the best part? It?s the perfect multi-tasker to minimise the makeup you need to pack. Use individually to define, contour and highlight cheekbones and temples or swirl your brush around the whole compact for a healthy all-over glow. We also love it for the eyes ? apply wet to create an intense foil-like finish.

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Where?s the Best Place to Apply Highlighter?

For the most natural-looking highlight, you?ll want to stick to the high points of your face. Your high points are the spots on your face where the light would naturally hit, like the tops of your cheekbones, your brow bones, Cupid?s bow (that little dip above the center of your top lip), and down the bridge of the nose. If you want to add a touch to the very tip of your nose, too, go for it! Once you?ve got those basics down, you can get creative and step it up. Really, highlighters can go anywhere you want to stand out.? Pop a little highlighter over your shoulders and collarbones. Rocking a sleeveless dress? Run a bit down the front of your arms. What about a skirt or dress? A touch of highlighter down the center of your legs will look stunning. And even if body highlighter and makeup might sound like a lot for every day, it?s actually the trick your favorite celebs use to look glow on the red carpet. So the next time you?ve got a wedding, fancy dinner, or any big event, give it a try to take your look to the next level.


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