Choosing the proper wedding makeup look for your big day may be difficult, there are so many styles, options, and beauty trends to choose from. We’ve got you covered with a guide of the most gorgeous makeup styles available for every type of bride, making it a little easier to organize your big day. 

“A bridal makeup look is one that you might wear at a wedding. In general, it is intended to last all day, photograph well, and look lovely.”

         1.    Classic Wedding Makeup

A traditional makeup look is ideal for your wedding day since it is beautiful, timeless, and will never go out of style. To get this look, keep your eye makeup basic with velvety browns and, depending on your eye shape, aclean-cut eyeliner. To soften the look even further, consider a dark brown eyeliner instead of black, along with rose pink lipstick. Don’t go crazy with the bronzer, though — keep your natural features highlighted rather than changed regularly for a classic, all-day look.

  2.    Dramatic Wedding Makeup

You can still accomplish beautiful, romantic wedding makeup while making a statement. For a more dramatic look, pair thick, full lashes with eyeliner and smoky brown tones. To make your eyes pop, use a pencil eyeliner in your waterline, and for smaller eyes, use a liquid eyeliner with a flick to extend the eye. To end, softly brush your facial frame with bronzer to complement the rich tones of your eye shadow.

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 3.    Glamorous Wedding Makeup

The key to beautiful wedding makeup is to keep it relatively soft, but still feminine and flirty. A glamorous bridal look will take your wedding outfit to the next level, playing up your features in the most flattering way. Keep brows bushy and natural, with eyes golden for a timeless shade. Apply thick coats of mascara on both top and bottom, and for the shorter lashed ladies, don’t be afraid to use false eyelashes. For a soft, sultry touch, use a copper eye pencil along the top lash line for extra depth, and blend it out, so the line isn’t severe. Ensure to match your lip and cheek shade to the tones in your eyeshadow for a seamless finish.

 4.    Vintage Wedding Makeup

When thinking vintage makeup, dramatic winged liner,and cherry lipstick all spring to mind. Fear not, you can still get gorgeous vintage vibes from your makeup without going over the top. For skin, keep it sheer and simple, leaving the bronzer in the drawer for this one. Instead, let the eyes be the focus, with a flicked liquid liner and voluminous lashes. Finish the look with a glossy apricot lip.

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5.   Shimmer Wedding Makeup Look

Shimmer makeup, as the name suggests, is all about shimmery and sparkly cosmetics that make you shine. It includes metallic shades and glitter for the extra twinkle on the eyes. Shimmer makeup techniques can be applied to all parts of the face, neck, shoulders and collar bones to accentuate your features. It creates a magical touch to any attire and occasion. Shimmer makeup can completely transform one’s look from simple to stunning. It’s a touch of extra sparkle to make your shine and stand out. It’s extremely great for special occasions that call for that dramatic foot forward.


There was a time when wearing heavy makeup meant putting a thick layer of foundation, heavy eye shadows, and dark lipsticks. This day belongs to bright colours and Shimmery Bright Blush On for a glamorous look, however later on, trends dramatically changed from heavy glamorous makeup to soft and natural makeover.



What is bridal makeup look?


A bridal makeup look is one that you might wear at a wedding. In general, it is intended to last all day, photograph well, and look lovely. There are several styles to pick from, just as with traditional makeup. Classic, Glamorous, vintage, dramatic – the possibilities are nearly limitless. You’ll want to select something that not only expresses you and your aesthetic, but also highlights your greatest qualities.

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